R333 Carpet Concentrate Shampoo
Biocide Inside

Supplied in a concentrated form:  1:60 Dilution .

Widely regarded as the best carpet shampoo for aviation carpets. This concentrate is used with injection/ extraction machines and will prolong the life of the carpet as well as removing deep soiling. Ideal for commercial or business aviation carpets.

Microfibre & Alcantara Cleaner
Biocide Inside

Microfibre Cleaner is specially formulated for cleaning microfibre & Alcantara textiles and removing protein (food), tannin (drink) and most ball point ink stains.It will also remove staining from air conditioning vents.

Carpet Stain Away
Biocide Inside

Stain Away is a fast acting water based product for removing all organic stains such as all foods including curry, juices, wine, coffee, cola, blood, vomit etc.

Stain Remover S

Stain Remover S is a stain removal product for use on chewing gum, grease, oil, dirty oil, butter, perspiration, glue, paint, markers, ballpoint pen, lipstick, make-up products, shoe polish, wax & tar.

Stain Away High Tech Wipes
Biocide Inside

Extremely effective in removing food & beverage stains from areas that need to dry quickly or can’t be over wet. Stain Away Wipes can save considerable amounts of time and money in reducing the amount of fabric seats needlessly removed for laundry. 

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